Tuesday, October 31, 2006

5 more days!!!

Happy Halloween!...(even though my Drew won't be here to trick-or-treat with us and have crazy Halloween sex [with me - duh]).

Only 5 more days and I'll be squeezing my hunny again! HOORAY!!! Yesterday I got a phone call from his CELL PHONE. What a glorious thing to see on the caller ID! We have been able to talk several times without a voice delay OR strict time constraints. It was so nice to be able to just pillow talk with him. We are both so much more relaxed now that he's back in the USA. Just 4 more days of decompression in Lejeune and then he's MINE again!

And this is when I realize just how badly I have been procrastinating with the homecoming preparations. I have 3 more school days to finish the house, and one weekend-day to finish everything else (yard, etc., hint-hint, Uncle Wolf!). Gotta clean out & wash the van, shampoo carpets, finish mountains of laundry, clean up the porches, get our bedroom (AKA sancuary of sweet lovin') ready, do all my silly beauty treaments... aaah! The list is neverending! And all the while I am nervous and excited and needing a sedative!

So, I am busy. Anyone who can/will lend a hand would be forever appreciated, btw. ;) I CAN'T WAIT TO HOLD MY HUBBY AGAIN!!!!!

And now, I must work.

- CRAZY Mrs. Sgt. Neilson -AKA- Glowstick's wife (heeheehee)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Drew's Homecoming

Okay, it's official (supposedly, haha). Drew will be arriving at NAS-JAX on Sunday, November 6th. YAY!!! Only 15 more days without him! When the day comes, we will have been apart for 224 days. Holy shit-balls! That's 7 1/2 months without cuddling, companionship, or sex!!! Good God Almighty! I'm definately not looking forward to EVER having to do this again. It has been one rough year. The entire deployment will have been 11 1/2 months. Yich.

I have never been so over-worked in my life, even when I was a single mom working full time. I will be so relieved to have him back here to take on his half of the duties again. 'Cause even with all the help I have gotten, I've still managed to over-exert myself to the point of dislodging a rib, breaking one ankle, and spraining the other! I had never broken a bone in my life! My poor body just can't handle this life alone. I'll be gald when my other half is back again to make me whole (no pun intended). :)

I'm trying right now not to think about the obstacles that await us with Drew's readjustment period. Most of my worries revolve around the kids: how long it will take for the twins to warm up to him again, whether it's going to overwhelm him to hear the chaos that takes place around our house around dinner-bath-bed-times. The discipline with the three feisty trouble-makers that we have is always fun, too. And let's not forget the household chores. He needs to be ready to jump right back in to the dishes, trash, lawn and other misc. tasks.

Of course I will allow him time to readjust and rest, but I can't wait on him hand and foot AND take care of the kids forever, especially with my ankles messed up. PLUS, before he left he wanted me to start teaching him how to cook and do laundry (properly), so he could help ease some of those burdens for me. So he will be busy, and not to mention he has to find a better job than he had before so we can LIVE!

Well, we've got a lot on our plates, and the homecoming will be both blissful AND stressful, for all of us. I just hope we have the sterngth to deal with it as it comes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, so, apparently I have been walking around on a BROKEN ankle for THREE WEEKS!! Holy shiznit! For those of you that don't know how it happened, here's the story:

On Wednesday, September 27, I was being a good little mamma and playing with my kids in the backyard; swings, slide, etc. And as I was trying to guide my tiny daughter down the monsterous slide, our beloved dog, Brigit, decided it would be fun to jump up on Mommy from behind. Well, our feisty little 55-pound pup likes to jump on people, and the vet has instructed us to knee her in the chest to discourage it. Well, what's a gal to do when the dog jumps up from behind? Naturally, I threw my foot back at her, and CRACK went my ankle against her ELBOW BONES! Needless to say, it hurt, and I fell down, hyperventilating, and couldn't get up. My wonderful friend Allison just happened to call 2 minutes later and said "I'll be right over!" So she helped me get the kids fed, bathed, and put to bed. **Thanks again!**

Anyway, I waited and waited for it to feel better, and finally went to the doc about 9 days after it happened. She ordered an x-ray that came back negative, but due to the fact that the pain was excruciating and NOT getting better, she ordered and MRI. So yesterday I endured my SECOND MRI in 4 months (had one on my back in June) -- yuccchh. And today they call and say "You DO have a fracture -- we missed it on the x-ray -- you need to see an orthopedic surgeon right away!"

So now I'm waiting to find out if I'll be wearing a cast when I jump into my husband's arms in 16 days and hurl my lead foot around his waist. Heehee... GREEEAAT! (note sarcasm)... And I pray they will saw it off before the ball! Won't I be elegant in my formal gown and ONE high heel, and on crutches! Grrr...

Yeah, and the doc said "Stay off of it." Riiiiiiight. Yeah, I can do THAT with 3 kids and my husband 3000 miles away. Uh-huh.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed that little anecdote. I call it "How I Broke My Ankle Kicking the Dog." hardee-har-har.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Holy SHIT!!! It's been 200 days since I last saw my husband. Jeez, it's been quite a while since my last blog, too. By the way, happy birthday to my favorite Uncle, Drunkle Wolf. He's the only one of Drew's friends who has cared enough to (regularly) help ease my burdens while he's away.

There are only about 3 more weeks until Drew's homecoming -- HOORAY!!! It's so exciting but so nerve-wracking at the same time. There is so much to do to prepare for the homecoming that I am overwhelmed and just want to shut down most of the time. On the other hand, though, the time is creeping by, and I think the next three weeks are going to be the longest of my life.

I could never have made it this far without my girls, though. Me and 3 of the other unit ladies have been hanging out like it's cool, and it is! We are ALL lonely and sex-deprived and exhausted and missing our men... something NO ONE ELSE understands. Our friendships have formed fast and deep, as we are bonding over such a unique situation. So here's to you (in alphabetical order, of course), Allison, Jessica, and Valerie. I love you guys and I couldn't have made it through without y'all! Better to be bored together than alone, right?

Anyway, I've been very busy lately. Me and the girls are getting together at LEAST twice a week, and there's the military support group bi-weekly, Twin's Club Mom's Night Out monthly (of which I am now in charge, tyvm), working out (or trying to) 3 times a week, chauffeuring the kids to and from school, attempting to domesticate my wild puppy, etc., etc...

So time flies when I'm busy. It's just those seemingly endless lulls between activities that get me. When household responsibilities stare me in the face and I resist them, procrastinating as usual (Allison, you know what that's like...:)). I just want to sleep, to make the time pass. And let's not forget my poor ankles!!! One I injured kicking the dog off of me a few weeks ago and it's still hurting; getting worse, not better. And then 3 days later, I went out dancing with the girls and twisted the OTHER ankle while slightly tipsy and walking around in platforms. The twisted one is better, but the banged one friggin' HURTS! I's really getting in the way of housework.

Well, gotta go make myself useful.