Thursday, March 16, 2006

happier note (sort of...)

My hubby is home (yes, he called and apologized the next day!). It's so nice to have him here; things are almost like normal (he's annoying me :P), with the exception of the looming departure, of course. Only 2 days left until we leave for North Carolina (9 days without kids -- YAY for me!).

I'm starting to get a little nervous now that there is so little time left. I'm worried about him having to say goodbye to the kids and how he will cope with that while we are in NC. I'm not yet even touching the subject of my own preparation for this separation. Too much to deal with right now. *sigh*

Tomorrow morning we have a family portrait photo shoot thingy at 9am (I'm going to be tired). So I should go to bed.

Signing off, you weird people who read my blog.