Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Florida Winters...

This winter has been unusually mild.  After a brief stint of freezing nights (as in, in the 20's) in December, we have had a January full of balmy days (in the 60's and even 70's!), which have allowed for lots of outside play time for the children, and knitting in the sunshine for mama (and baby ;)).  We have been going to Cofrin Nature Park every Tuesday (unless raining), and have enjoyed creek-stompin'.  Yesterday it was in the upper 50's, but that certainly didn't stop my little nature-lovers...

They spent a couple of hours stomping around, splashing, sieving for sharks' teeth, digging for clay, and wandering the brush nearby...totally absorbed in their exploratory "work". Ahhh, such sights make my heart swell. Most of the time, Brigit was snuggled up to my chest in the linen wrap I made.

I do so love how she's found her thumb.

And then, I found myself on a quiet walk through the woods with just my littlest babes, as the others were headed back to the creek and playground with a friend of mine and her two little ones. Sweet Connor sure does know how to slow me down to appreciate the mysteries and beauty of the natural world. Every 10 feet or so, he would say "Stop!" and yank on my hand to halt me. We would stand there and the wind in the trees, the birds, the very distant traffic. It was magical.

When the afternoon was over, the children were half-naked and freezing, so we packed up and went home...They are like different children when we are out of the house.

Today, well...I'm going to need a chill pill. They have been arguing non-stop. Deep breaths, Mama.