Tuesday, July 31, 2007

3 month pregnant lady checkup

Yesterday we went to our 12-week checkup with our midwife. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler!! It was srtong and regular. Jane (our midwife) wasn't sure we would be able to pick it up this early, but I assured her we would, and I was right! She said my uterus is "growing nicely", but I have actually LOST 7 lbs. Typically, I should have gained 2-5 lbs by now, but my *morning* sickness was so bad, and I've had a lot of GI issues, so my body is wasting away!! But the baby is getting what s/he needs, and that's what's important. I've got a little pooch now, and having to wear some maternity shorts, even thought they are all still a little big on me. :P

I'm starting to show some VERY early signs of gestational diabetes, though (excessive thirst and urination, fatigue, moodiness [imagine that!], and stomach upset), so she's got me on blood-glucose monitoring to track my levels and watch the patterns closely. My fingertips already look like sprinkler heads! The placenta favors a diabetic environment, so the bigger it gets, the more difficulty my body will have processing sugar. This is nothing new to me, though, as I developed it with the twins, but usually people don't get it until about 6-7 months. I'm only THREE months! Oh, well... Splenda, here I come! Yich...

That's all for now! We go again in a month.

Monday, July 2, 2007

8 week checkup + ultrasound

We went to see our midwife today for our first prenatal checkup, and she ordered an ultrasound to make sure there are NO MORE TWINS... and hooray, there's ONLY ONE baby in there!!! "Peanut" is doing great; strong heartbeat, measuring a tad big for his/her age (by three days, no biggie). I had to high-five Drew in the room when we saw it was only one... we are both SOOO relieved. So, that's the update... more in a month after the next checkup!

- Michelle