Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pregnancy sucks donkey dick!

I'm so fucking tired you'd think someone drugged me. there are not enough hours for sleep at night. i am ready for a nap by 11am. my children are driving me up the goddamn wall. i have turned into a drill instructor becasue i have no patience for them right now. my husband lost his job, and now he's out of town. i don't know how i am going to make it through the rest of this semester.

i just want to sleep. not go to school. not change endless diapers. not shuttle children all over the place. not do laundry. not clean up puppy piss. not cook meals. not do the dishes. just....fucking...sleep.

i would rather be battling morning sickness than this severe fatigue. cuz then at least i could puke and get on with my day. can't have caffeine. just have to deal with fatigue that borders on drowsiness. seriously, i will fall asleep if i sit down for more than 5 minutes.

i am losing hope that this will ever end, even though i know it will. but time is creeping by so friggin slowly right now, and all i want is to rest. i swear i'm so tired i'm on the verge of tears. try functioning as a (temporarily) single mother of three and part-time student while tranquilized, 24/7. I know drew's only out of town for another week and a half, but OH MY GOD. i will be watching the clock in agony until he's back.

i am grumpy.