Monday, November 24, 2008

Life is strange

This morning I woke up to my husband (Drew) asking me how to get gum out of hair. Apparently, Robby (7) snuck some bubble gum out of the Halloween stash and then went to bed chewing it. First I suggested peanut butter, but hubby didn't want to do that (too messy?). So then I said Goo-Gone. He tried, but then apparently it hurt Robby's head so much when Drew was trying to comb it out that he was begging for Daddy to cut it out. So he did. I guess Robby's getting a haircut tonight, lol. I hope he learned his lesson. Drew left the mess on the side of the kitchen sink for me to see. Devin (almost 4) came in the kitchen this morning and gasped "Mama! What's that fish doing in that hair?!" I guess the gum-wad was kinda fish-shaped.

Something else note-worthy happened this morning too, but I'm forgetting at the moment...

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