Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Things About Me...(and some thoughts on evil perfectionism)

I keep meaning to get on here and blog. I have sooo many ideas for things to blog about. I want to systematically document every "journey" I've taken toward every thing/value/philosophy in my life that I hold dear. My problem? I am a perfectionist. All of these articles I want to write will take time and thought. Those two things are hard to come by in my life. :) So, I rationalize, "I can't blog today because I won't have time to finish." (And I really hate not being able to finish something...I have what they call a "completion compulsion". And, of course, as I type this my baby is crying for me.....aaand, now we're NAK. :)) Well, that's gotta stop. I want to have a blog. I want to get these thoughts off my chest. I want to document my life. I love to write. I think I'm pretty damn good at it, too. And there's just something so very satisfying about clicking "publish post" and then seeing it in all its html glory. :D

So I have to get over it. I have to settle for less than my expectations. As my mother has said many times (and I have since made it my housework motto), "A half-assed job is better than none." So today, I am going to list (oooh, lists...I love lists) 10 things about me. And that's it. No long chapter for my biography today. So. Here goes...

- My family goes through at least 12 loads of laundry per week, and there's always a mountain of "miscellaneous" stuff in the laundry room.

- I'm a fantastic cook, but the (ahem) joy of cooking is greatly reduced by the necessity of it and my small, cluttered kitchen. I'm not so great with baking. :/

- I have been sewing since I was a little girl (making doll clothes with my grandmother), but I'd say I'm still at a beginner/intermediate level. Curves and gathers scare me. I need to conquer those fears. :P I do have a nice machine, though. Oooh, and I really want a serger.

- I looove emoticons. ;D

- I also love to type how I talk. So I am usually aware of any improper grammar/punctuation that I use....and I'm doing it for a reason. So there. :D

- I have a tendency to get really excited about an idea or project, then lose steam and abandon it. I could probably open a store with all my abandoned projects. I'm reeeeally hoping this blog does not become merchandise. (I think that, considering I have been blogging on and off for over 5 years already, we're probably safe. ;))

- I suffer from chronic back pain due to mild scoliosis that makes housework difficult and/or painful. This often makes me feel lazy and inadequate.

- I like to choose the lazy way of doing things. Like co-sleeping; I'm not going to get up a million times a night to feed and comfort my baby when I could do the same thing while lying half-asleep in my own cozy bed. And unschooling...who wants to deal with assignments or teach formal lessons on a regular basis? Not I, said the little red hen.

- My house is usually a mess, ranging from a simple mess to an O to the MG disaster. My children pretty much couldn't care less about the state of things, but it drives me batshit.

- I have known my husband since 6th grade. He thought I was gorgeous and I thought that was creepy. :) 10 years later, we finally got together...and the rest is history.

Is that 10 things already? Awesome. I'm done! Good night.

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