Saturday, September 28, 2013

dear pinterest gods

dear pinterest gods,

i hate burlap. it's rustic-looking, and i like rustic, but it's scratchy and i prefer not to touch it, especially for long periods of time while cutting and gathering and sewing and gluing it into a stupid freaking wreath. so please make it not popular anymore. #annoying

next, please inform the human race that it is not safe to use pallets for indoor projects. people are going to start dying and it will be your fault. #lawsuit

please ALSO inform the human race that it is not necessary to have 10 different "natural" cleaner recipes. one spray bottle of water, vinegar, and dish soap will clean and sanitize almost anything. if you have a specific task (like polishing wood or removing mineral deposits), refer to pin. but if you make all of those formulas, i can guarantee you that at least 80% of them are just going to rot in your fridge before you can use them and make you feel like a housekeeping failure. #wordtothewise

finally, i am not a bored housewife with gobs of time and money on my hands, so knock it off with all the ridiculous projects that scream that. #aintnobodygottimefodat

if you could give these issues some attention, it would be greatly appreciated. feel free to impress me with your phenomenal prayer-answering skillz. #greatexpectations



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