Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kieran's Eczema Ointment

this stuff is amazing. diaper rashes gone overnight (or a few nights if it's severe...also, probably not good for cloth dipes -- use a liner...well, i don't but i apply it very sparingly to only the affected areas...if thick slathering is necessary, i'll either put a paper towel in there or use a 'sposie). sore nipples, eczema (it's original intended purpose around here), zits, sunburn, chapped lips, bug bites, cuticles, cuts, scrapes. anything. you can use it very sparingly or slather it on.

this is sooooo simple (a little time-consuming, though, but you can make a big batch - fill several small containers - that will last for a year or two or three...i think i've only made it 2-3 times in 6 years).

you need:
- calendula (marigold) petals (in bulk herb section of HFS).
- olive oil (i use organic extra virgin)
- beeswax (craft store - candle section. i get the unrefined yellow stuff)'ll need to grate it - the finer the better.
- lavender and/or tea tree essential oils (i only use lavender b/c we're sensitive to tto, but both have antimicrobial properties)

put calendula petals in a pot, pour just enough olive oil to cover them. set on medium-low heat. as soon as the oil is hot, turn off the heat and remove the pot from the burner. let cool to room temperature.

strain out petals, discard them. pour oil through coffee filter/funnel (into a mason jar).

okay, you have just made calendula-infused olive oil. (calendula has awesome skin-healing properties.)

next, take about the same amount of grated beeswax (packed lightly) as olive oil (cup for cup). i think i usually do about 1-1.5C of each, depending on how much oil i have.

melt the beeswax (also has awesome skin-healing properties). you can either do this in the microwave or a double-boiler-type situation on the stove.

mix melted wax with oil. stir (i use a tiny wire whisk). add essential oil(s). i add a lot, probably a teaspoon (~25 drops). it will start to turn whiteish as it cools, but don't let it get too cooled before you...

pour into containers; i have used old (cleaned out) ointment/cream jars, and baby food jars, etc.

when it sets (cools), it might have a kind of hard layer on top that you might have to pop your finger through. if you are OCD about consistency, you will painstakingly break up all lumps and make it all nice and smooth with a cheese spreader or something. if it's really too hard, you can re-melt it all and add more oil. way too soft, re-melt and add more wax. yes, it's a PITA if you don't get it perfect the first time, but it's worth it, since like i said, it will last you a looong time and i swear it heals anything on the skin.

have fun, and happy healing!

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