Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Makeover Amendment

Last year, in this post, I wrote this:

"I have taken some time this morning to make a lot of changes here on my blog in order to make it more...appropriate...for the public eye. I hid several posts that are very personal and/or FML-style venting. I want to be able to use this blog for positive things, more like recording the happy memories and successful accomplishments, as well as participating in all these fun blog events I keep seeing."

Yeeeeeeah. Wellllll, I went back and re-published most of those posts. This is MY blog, about ME. I want it to be REAL. I am nutty, so my blog is allowed to be all over the map, too. And over the past year or so, I have learned the value of being authentic (for several reasons: the unassisted birth of my 5th child, my Nonviolent Communication study group, and the suicide of a dear friend -- the latter two will perhaps be blogged about in the future). Not only does it make the writer feel liberated, but the readers feel better, comforted, knowing that others have struggles and quirks, that they aren't the only ones that are "weird" or have shameful/embarrassing secrets. So, I will still participate in blog parties or whatever, but I don't want to mask who I really am. And truthfully, it's the "inappropriate" things that I am drawn to write about the most. So be it. :)


  1. As you shouldnt Michelle. And for the record I think your "quirks" are awesome. : )
    I look forward to reading more about what you have learned about non-violent communication. I think it is a subject I could stand to learn a lot about. Not that I am violent or anything, lol, guess that sounded sort of bad. : D

    1. nonviolent communication is bad name for it, really, because it makes you think of physical violence. the other term for it is compassionate communication, which is definitely (imo) more fitting. it's all the feelings and needs stuff.