Thursday, May 4, 2006


Good and bad and in-between news...

We've been battling illness upon illness lately in this house (as you all well know), and now that we WERE all well, the kids are starting to come down with a cold, AGAIN! I just pray I don't catch it this time.

But, I FINALLY heard from Drew on Monday... we talked for 22 wonderful minutes. He sounded good, as in, not depressed. Maybe a little frustrated with "bullshit" that is ALWAYS occurring in the Marine Corps, but still high spirited. And today I got my first letter from him. It was nice to hold something he had touched, but makes me worry to read about IED explosions he has witnessed.

Anyway, on a more celebratory note [you all owe me $10 for that word], the twins got into the school where Robby has been going for 3 years, and they start May 15!!! Unfortunately I don't have any choice in how often they go, so all three kids will be there Monday thru Friday. YAY!!! Finally, I get a relief! Maybe I will actually get to clean and organize the house! [wow, I get excited over weird things...] So, I'm looking forward to being able to actually HANDLE all the responsibilities that are on my plate right now. And to answer your questions:

NO, I am not going back to school [yet, at least], and...

NO, I am NOT planning to get a job! I already have several; it's called Mother, surrogate Father, housekeeper, laundress, accountant, cook, chauffeur, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..... SO FUCK ALL OF Y'ALL WHO THINK I'LL BE SITTIN' ON MY ASS ALL DAY WATCHING SOAP OPERAS AND PAINTING MY TOENAILS!!!

Now that I've gotten THAT off my chest... I DO plan on taking some time for ME once the kids are all in school, but I am by no means LAZY. My intentions are to get the damn house clean first and foremost!

Anyway, got a girlfriend in crisis on the phone...gotta go.

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