Tuesday, January 29, 2008

38 week checkup (grrr...)

CAUTION: this blog contains weird, graphic childbirth-related information that is not intended for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the process. :P

Well, I'm still pregnant. And I gained 4 pounds in a week, damn doghnut sticks. >:(

BUT, there has been more change in my cervix. The baby's still at -2 station, but I'm dilated to 2-3cm, and effaced to 50%. Jane "swept" my membranes a little at the appointment, which is supposed to help my body release prostaglandins to get labor going. It didn't even hurt like I've read it does, but we went to Publix afterward and I was walking around and I could definitely feel something happening. Achy, heavy sensations.

Beginning around noon I started having contractions -- different ones than before, but still quite tolerable. I could feel them down real low, with more pressure than usual and a mild burning around my cervix. They definitely felt like they had the potential to be early labor contractions, so I started getting excited. :D

So the rest of my afternoon was devoted to labor augmenting activities. I alternated between the breast-pump, walking, and dosing myself with blue cohosh every hour. Things seemed promising for quite a while, with the contractions coming pretty regularly, even as close as 3 minutes! After some time, though, there seemed to be no increase in the intensity, so I had Drew deposit some of his "natural prostaglandins" for me to help augment things a little more. ;)

Well, needless to say, things died down after HOURS of contractions, and I went to bed exhausted and discouraged. But, the good thing is that I KNOW that after all those hours of contractions, my cervix has changed even more. So hopefully it will be soon. Just not today (PLEASE), because Jane has school on Tuesdays, which she can't miss, and my mom (who is my doula), teaches childbirth classes on Tuesday evenings, and she can't really miss that either!

ARGH. I'm so sick of this giant tumor in my belly... someone else needs to be able to hold him for a change! :(

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