Tuesday, October 31, 2006

5 more days!!!

Happy Halloween!...(even though my Drew won't be here to trick-or-treat with us and have crazy Halloween sex [with me - duh]).

Only 5 more days and I'll be squeezing my hunny again! HOORAY!!! Yesterday I got a phone call from his CELL PHONE. What a glorious thing to see on the caller ID! We have been able to talk several times without a voice delay OR strict time constraints. It was so nice to be able to just pillow talk with him. We are both so much more relaxed now that he's back in the USA. Just 4 more days of decompression in Lejeune and then he's MINE again!

And this is when I realize just how badly I have been procrastinating with the homecoming preparations. I have 3 more school days to finish the house, and one weekend-day to finish everything else (yard, etc., hint-hint, Uncle Wolf!). Gotta clean out & wash the van, shampoo carpets, finish mountains of laundry, clean up the porches, get our bedroom (AKA sancuary of sweet lovin') ready, do all my silly beauty treaments... aaah! The list is neverending! And all the while I am nervous and excited and needing a sedative!

So, I am busy. Anyone who can/will lend a hand would be forever appreciated, btw. ;) I CAN'T WAIT TO HOLD MY HUBBY AGAIN!!!!!

And now, I must work.

- CRAZY Mrs. Sgt. Neilson -AKA- Glowstick's wife (heeheehee)

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