Friday, October 20, 2006

Drew's Homecoming

Okay, it's official (supposedly, haha). Drew will be arriving at NAS-JAX on Sunday, November 6th. YAY!!! Only 15 more days without him! When the day comes, we will have been apart for 224 days. Holy shit-balls! That's 7 1/2 months without cuddling, companionship, or sex!!! Good God Almighty! I'm definately not looking forward to EVER having to do this again. It has been one rough year. The entire deployment will have been 11 1/2 months. Yich.

I have never been so over-worked in my life, even when I was a single mom working full time. I will be so relieved to have him back here to take on his half of the duties again. 'Cause even with all the help I have gotten, I've still managed to over-exert myself to the point of dislodging a rib, breaking one ankle, and spraining the other! I had never broken a bone in my life! My poor body just can't handle this life alone. I'll be gald when my other half is back again to make me whole (no pun intended). :)

I'm trying right now not to think about the obstacles that await us with Drew's readjustment period. Most of my worries revolve around the kids: how long it will take for the twins to warm up to him again, whether it's going to overwhelm him to hear the chaos that takes place around our house around dinner-bath-bed-times. The discipline with the three feisty trouble-makers that we have is always fun, too. And let's not forget the household chores. He needs to be ready to jump right back in to the dishes, trash, lawn and other misc. tasks.

Of course I will allow him time to readjust and rest, but I can't wait on him hand and foot AND take care of the kids forever, especially with my ankles messed up. PLUS, before he left he wanted me to start teaching him how to cook and do laundry (properly), so he could help ease some of those burdens for me. So he will be busy, and not to mention he has to find a better job than he had before so we can LIVE!

Well, we've got a lot on our plates, and the homecoming will be both blissful AND stressful, for all of us. I just hope we have the sterngth to deal with it as it comes.

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